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Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Human
Relatives Unknown
Quote "Believe me, if it wasn't for Max, there's no telling where I would've been by now."
Fate Alive
Actor Kelly Jo Minter
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.57.26 pm

Maria in the video store

Maria was a clerk in Max's video store, seen in the finished film only in the background talking to Marko and Dwayne when the Boys

enter the store while Lucy is there. In a deleted scene, it's implied she trained Lucy in managing the store.

Her screentime was mostly cut but in the same deleted scene, she implied that Max hired her off the street some time earlier when she came in looking for work, saying "Believe me, if it wasn't for Max, there's no telling where I would've been by now. I mean, nobody woulda hired me the way I looked when I walked in here."

She told Lucy Max only works nights because he was busy setting up another store in Los Gatos.

She was implied to have a friendly acquaintance with Marko and Dwayne at least, based off their interactions.

Marie+Lucy mind the store 3

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