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Max (sire)

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Dwayne (Vampire Brother)

Paul (Vampire Brother)

Quote'Feeding time! Come and get it boys!'
ActorWinter, Alex

Marko was the third vampire to be made in the Lost Boys group, and seemed to share a brotherly relationship with Paul. He was the first to be killed by the Frog brothers, as they pointed out " we'll start with the little one."

The Lost BoysEdit

Marko is the so-called "errand boy" of David's group. During the opening scene on the boardwalk, he and Paul were quick to defend Dwayne when a scuffle broke out, leaping in regardless, demonstrating that the two are one of the closer pairs in the group.

In the cave scene, Marko is the one sent to retrieve everything; the Chinese food to begin the initiation and later the "wine" bottle. It could be that he is David's right hand man. It is notable, however that none of these duties are given to Star, who Marko ignores as much as all of the other boys.

He is silent, more of a background jester who is constantly seen joking around with Paul. For example, when the boys are hanging down from the rail-road bridge, he and Paul are the only two kicking out and laughing at each other.

Marko, Dwayne and Paul

Marko, Dwayne and Paul

He was the first to be staked by the Frogs, infuriating Paul who eventually met his fate in a bathtub of holy water while going after the Frog brothers for revenge. Immediately after he was killed, David "vamped-out" and grabbed Sam's leg while he was trying to escape, resulting in a burnt hand as Sam was dragged to safety in the sunlight by the Frog brothers.

Marko feeding

Marko feeding


He hides the dark side behind his smile - a smile that says, 'you only wish you knew what I know. Mess with me and it will be the last thing you do.' with a

Cheshire like grin too.

He comes across as cheeky and up for mischief, like his brothers, and often plays the part of the innocent bystander, as well as the youngest of the group. And a youngster trouble maker.

Marko grinning

Marko grinning

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